Alternatives Of GarageBand For Android

GarageBand is a free music workstation for Apple users but because it is not available to non-iOS users, we have to find apps that can replace it and offer budding musicians a platform to carry out their work with ease. The app is definitely a success but due to its drawback of availability; there are multiple music-making apps for Android users that are easy to use with great composition and editing features and techniques. Listed below are some of these alternatives-


Mixcraft, launched by Acoustica, is a solid music recording app with a professional interface that supports various advanced audio recording, editing features, and special effects.

It is a pretty decent app that is available to Windows users (it does not currently offer a Mac OS or Linux compatibility), without the need of a third-party app for functioning and has an array of features (a ‘Performance Panel’ for real-time editing, unparalleled ‘sub-mix nesting’ for applying multiple effects with ease, and also ‘auto-conversion to WAV file type’ while saving), though the interface could serve to be more user-friendly.

Easy for beginners to use, the app’s focus is on the accessibility and range of Loop technology used to insert beats in your composition.


Audiotool takes music-making to another level. Developed by a German content-distribution website, the app is completely online only to be used via the official website and stores data over the cloud, so you can compose music from whatever device you’re operating.

Once you are done with production, you can directly publish your tracks on YouTube, social media sites, etc. This software is very easy to use and makes an online music production studio for the artist to work from.

Audiotool also has an ‘audio spectrum analyzer’ that shows the frequencies that are present and the wavelength you are operating at so as to easily tackle the volume you are dealing with. One of its biggest selling points is the easy combination with different software and hardware and being free of cost for the initial process.


Linux MultiMedia Studio is a digital audio workspace which operates in macOS, Windows, and Linux. It allows your keyboard to be operated as a MIDI controller to convert audio into digital data and allows for sequences and sampling.

The interface of this DAW is a little technically wired and with the help of external instruments, all audio can be recorded and edited easily. It is also a cross-platform application program that allows for third- party plugins and features such as Soundfont.

It is free of cost and even requires less disk and RAM space than the software it’s most compared with- FL Studio. 

Pro Tools First

Avid’s famous sound-producing app Pro Tools has recently gotten a new free version called First. It allows for three simultaneous projects and you can only edit up to only 16 tracks at once, but is comfortable for most budding projects for home musicians.

With its array of easy to use Audio Engine and I/O settings, it offers musicians easy access to a digital audio station. Accounts with both Avid and iLok are required by Pro Tools First users however, the best part is it only uses iLok protection software but does not ask for physical iLok hardware.

Projects can be easily edited locally, and are also stored online for remote access with the presence of an online community, which is amazing for those making music on the go. 

Ableton Live

Ableton launched its sound-mixing, recording, and composing app and was one of the first music apps to beat match songs automatically. It offers various options for editing procedures and other effects used by artists.

The app helps live performers in their ability to carry out incredible real-time editing tasks along with flexible performance options. The app now offers services and effects like live-looping, a reworked Musical Instrument Digital Interface editor that allows for a range of sounds from different instruments and crossfading effect in the Arrangement View, it is a success for not only live performers but anyone wishing to explore new songwriting, composing and mixing techniques.

For amateur performers, wishing to record live and later edit those recordings, Ableton Live is a great app.

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