Choosing Soundation Over GarageBand

Soundation is a free application developed by PowerFX Systems AB and operates as a web-based software available for users to use without spending money on expensive Digital Audio Workstations. It requires only an internet connection primarily for setup and very little space as files are stored on an online cloud. It allows for recording with the help of Loops, MIDI support, various sound effects and editing options like Distortion, Delay, Reverb, Filtering, etc.

You can easily publish songs in the Soundation community and the recording studio app is thus accessible to all devices which can support running such software with ease and a good internet connection. 

On the other hand, Appleā€™s GarageBand remains the top choice of users who enjoy and want to explore sound production, editing, and mixing. The app has the most user-friendly interface in the DAW market and is famous for its wide choice of instruments, Loop library, and close to professional level audio manipulation and customization settings.

However, the app is only available to Apple users hence losing out a massive population of potential customers. The app has been repeatedly classified as the producer of the best quality audio results thus remaining a loyal favorite with its users. 

Where GarageBand is the ultimate choice for free DAWs in the audio market for Apple users, Soundation is a browser-based application that any artist can use without thinking twice.

It has an attractive interface with easily accessible editing buttons and a wide range of Loops as compared to other free digital audio stations; it contains the added advantage of not taking up large amounts of storage space and hence remains perfect for easy, portable and accessible music-making and audio recording for first-time artists.

It is free of cost for one month after which you can choose to upgrade in order to use more professional and advanced tools for production and sound engineering. GarageBand, on the contrary, remains a very useful but limited reach app due to its exclusivity to the Apple consumer base.