How To Convert And Export GarageBand To MP3

GarageBand’s enthusiastic users often choose to publish their newly-minted songs to various online platforms or might just wish to show their friends the work they’ve been doing. For doing this in an accessible way that is available for all users (including those that do not have access to Apple’s iTunes library or those not registered on Soundcloud as well as those who do not have GarageBand on their devices), the app allows you to export the recorded files to MP3, AIFF, WAVE or AAC format and save them on your device for easy sharing. 

MP3 format is the most commonly used audio file format for recording and sharing digital audio and is widely available across all digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as GarageBand for its ease of access without much diminution of quality. This helps not only by increasing their reach but also by allowing users to engage with these files in other music applications or devices. GarageBand allows its users to save their files in this format without much hassle.

Steps to convert and export files to MP3:

  •  Open the GarageBand app and select the track or project you want to convert and export.
  • On the top left corner of the screen, you can see the ‘Share’ option on the screen which allows you to transport your files to other platforms.
  • Click on ‘Export Song to Disk’ in the Share menu. This allows you to add songs to iTunes manually or post them easily on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. or just save them to your system device, outside of the app.
  • A dialogue box will be shown to you that will contain options for naming the file, where to save it, the format in which you want to save it, the amount of compression of quality that is desirable, etc.
  • You can name your file and under the ‘Where’ column you can choose to ’save it on the desktop. 
  • Choose file format as MP3 and choose the amount of compression from Good, Medium, High, etc. or keep it Uncompressed. The more the amount of compression, the more reduced the quality and storage space of the file.
  • If you have chosen selected portions of the project to be exported, do not forget to check the ‘Export cycle region only, or length of selected regions’ box.
  • Click on the ‘Export’ button and find your newly MP3 converted file on your desktop screen. 

Any excessive noise or silence in the beginning or end of the file is trimmed and you have the required file in the required format on your hard disk. Features such as these make GarageBand highly accessible and user-friendly. It is not overly daunting for new users of the app as the app makes sure to provide a safe and wide range for exploration.